Frequently Asked Questions
What do you want to know about fresh PSD to HTML Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

To register you need to make an order or send a request to us. After that you will receive your login and password to your e-mail address, which you will be able to use after our managers confirm the account (up to 12 hours).

Which browsers display your html-code correctly?

Our markup is displayed correctly at Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+,Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari 7+, iOS 8+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 5+, Edge.

How to make an order?

To make an order you must follow the order page, fill in the form and press Order Button.

Do you work with ASP?

No, we do not work with the ASP.

How to pay?

Once you have made your order and our managers have confirmed it – they will contact you direct and you will be able to pay for the order via PayPal system at your personal page.

How can I track my project?

By using your personal page you are able to track the current status of your project and quickly contact the manager or developers in charge of your project.

When will you start to fulfil my order?

As soon as you pay for it.

Do you use flash?

No, we do not use flash.

What are the guarantees?

We guarantee a high-quality execution of your order, in case of failure at our fault, we refund you 100%.

If I need support can I count on you?

Of course, our support and management team will be glad to help you 24 / 7.

What is not satisfied with the result?

This means that one or more conditions of the contract are not fulfilled due to our own fault.

Do you work with Zend?

Yes, we support Zend framework.

I'd like to order a website just like you have, how can I get it?

All you need to do is to make an Order now.

Will my information remain confidential?

Yes, guarantees that all information shared with us will remain confidential.

Is your service for sale?

No, our service is not for sale.

I have not found an answer to my question, what shall I do?

If you haven't found the answer, please Contact us. We will provide you with the answer.

I need Ajax.

No problems, our experts will plug in ajax for the extra charge. We work with jquery, mootools, prototype.