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Additional options

Package includes optimized cross-browser semantic HTML5/CSS3 for your designs. Compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+,Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari 7+, iOS 8+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 5+, Edge.
  • Delivery type

    Deliver your order as HTML or EMAIL.

    Please note. If you choose "Email" make sure that your design conforms to the markup restrictions for email, because most email applications have limited CSS support.

  • Markup details

    Specify advanced options: layout, CSS, HTML, font etc.

    Select additional options of CSS, fonts, HTML styles for your markup. Note that some options might increase cost and possibly a run-time of your order.


    • Responsive  +$109

      Allows compatibility with most popular native mobile platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry 5+.

    • Retina display ready  +$29

      CSS for retina displays

    • Print Version  +$39

      A separate CSS to be created for the print version of the page(s).

    • WCAG 2.0, Section 508  +$29

      WCAG 2.0 on level AA

    • Bootstrap Framework  +$29

      Using Bootstrap Framework

    • Foundation Framework  +$29

      Your cut will be done using the Foundation framework

    • SASS or LESS  free

      Specify what code pre-processor to use

    • Dreamweaver Compatibility Option  +$15

      Allows your markup to be editable in Dreamweaver.

    • Flexible width  +$49

      Makes your website flexible based on browser width.

    • Comments  +$9

      All code will be commented.

    • Drop-Down Menu  +$19

      Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu.


    • JS Custom Form  +$49

      Converts forms elements like radio buttons, check-boxes to your style.

    • JS lightbox  +$39

      JavaScript lightbox implementation

    • JS Form Validation  +$39

      Validation of form data

    • Additional JS  + from $50

      Ajax technology or JavaScript based solutions included.

  • Skin & Themes details

    Specify engine: WordPress, Joomla!, Typo3, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Shopify, X-Cart.

    Please select an engine that you'd like to use. If you have any specific features or there is no necessary engine among the indicated ones, please specify your wishes in detail.

  • Dedicated team

    Looking for a long-term partnership

    If you're planning to work with Fresh4web® on a long-term basis, we will gladly offer you a dedicated team service that gives you an excellent possibility to save money and time while you will get top-quality code without any delay. Need a dedicated team?

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Total: $69
Estimate: 1 business day

Highest code quality means that:

Our development team is available Monday to Friday 10:00am – 07:00pm GMT. Our support is available 24/7.

Note: The timeline and price takes effect after we are clear on all order details.

Imortant: We guarantee that we will fix all bugs for free during 180 days from the date we complete your project.