PSD to HTML affiliate program
earn 5% of every order made by an affiliate referred by you

PSD to HTML affiliate program

You are a web-designer or a website owner and work online? If it's true, you can easily increase your profit through our PSD to HTML affiliate marketing program!

You will earn more money while your site will be working for you by attracting new customers for us.

It's not difficult to start easily getting your additional income as soon as you join the program.

Advantages of the PSD to HTML affiliate program:

  • There are no fees for using the program. You never pay and freely join it.
  • You shouldn't be afraid of the difficulties while working with it as you are not required to have specific technical knowledge to sign-up and work with the program.
  • You start earning 5% from each order made by your affiliate.

How the program works?

There are several easy steps you make to sign-up PSD to HTML affiliate program:

  • register for the program at our website;
  • provide with us your PayPal account;
  • place our banners and links to your webpage;
  • earn 5% from each order made and paid for by your referred affiliate.

There are several steps your affiliate makes:

  • a new customer communicates for details through your e-mail entered on your webpage;
  • a client just clicks our links and banners from your site;
  • then this affiliate PAYs for our services and never asks for refund!

There are some steps we do:

  • register you as our partner;
  • confirm the deal with the client you referred if no refund is claimed;
  • PAY OUT your earnings to the PayPal account you provide with us!

Remember that our success is your profit!

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