PSD to HTML Conversion
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PSD to HTML Conversion and its Advantages

Nowadays, when the Net is flooding with up-to-date technologies, it is very important to have an efficient qualitative website. Companies invest hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in order to achieve their main goal, namely to reach the right audience. Comparing different internet resources, you will see that some of them get low search engine ranking, while others make great revenues and win new users daily. Why? One of the crucial reasons is surely SEO, however, the second ground is the perfect website design and fast loading pages. If you are interested in a robust, user-friendly website layout, then you should consider converting PSD files to HTML.

PSD is the Photoshop format for creating and editing graphic files. HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, used for coding website layout.

The process of PSD to HTML conversion implies slicing PSD files, encoding PSD into HTML/CSS and implementation of Java scripts if required.

What CMS Allow PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion?

It is possible to convert the PSD format to the codes of the following CMS:

  • PSD to Wordpress
  • PSD to Joomla!
  • PSD to Drupal
  • PSD to Typo3
  • PSD to osCommerce
  • PSD to Magento
  • PSD to Email Coding (for many major clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
  • PSD to Movable Type
  • PSD to Forum CMS
  • PSD to Mobile (iPad, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile (Internet Explorer), Windows Mobile (Opera), etc.)
  • many others...

PSD to HTML Conversion Advantages

If you doubt, whether you should covert your PSD to HTML, the following tips will be probably of use to you:

  1. unique Design. No doubt, an eye-catching web page that looks different from those of competitors, is destined for success. PSD to HTML conversion will grant your web page a superb pixel-precise look and stay in memories of its visitors for a long time.
  2. W3C valid, search engine friendly layout. Any page that looks great at first sight, can conceal fatal markup errors. However, creating a page from scratch by means of PSD to HTML conversion, you avoid probable problems with W3C validation. Clean code and valid tags are the basics of any SEO optimized site and a further step to a higher search engine ranking.
  3. short loading time. It follows from the above-mentioned: the valid code prevents the website from long delays in loading.
  4. user friendly navigation. PSD to HTML conversion adds to the usability of your site. Elaborate structure and categorization along with the good layout provide easier navigation, what makes the website attractive for users. Remember, satisfied visitors are loyal visitors: they spend more time browsing your site, increasing page views, and they come back to the site.
  5. browser compatibility. Due to PSD to HTML conversion you get a cross browser compatible code which supports all major browsers. Definitely, it is a must for any Web project planning to reach as many users as possible, irrespective of whether they use an earlier version of Internet Explorer or the up-to-date Chrome.
  6. operating system compatibility. HTML sliced pages are usually compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and other OS.
  7. CMS Design integration. Indeed, converting PSD to custom templates is also possible and extremely popular among users of Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, various shopping carts, forums (phpBB, vBulletin), social network CMS and many others.
  8. mobile compliance. Fluid layout plays a vital role when it comes to surfing the Web on the mobile phone. Fortunately, converting PSD to HTML/CSS allows flexible resolutions for both cell phones and high definition monitors.

PSD to HTML Conversion Options.