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PSD to HTML Conversion Options.

  1. An out-of-date method of PSD to HTML conversion is the manual conversion. The main demerit of this variant is easy to guess: it is a tough and time consuming process unless you are a professional web developer.
  2. Auto PSD to HTML conversion lets you complete the conversion process in shortest time span with the help of automated tools, though using them might result in code errors.

Anyway, the popular automated conversion method deserves separate attention, so let us take a closer look at it.

Why You Should Not Use Software for PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion

  • If you failed to optimize image slices correctly, you may face issues when modifying the code in accordance with your needs thereafter.
  • Markup validity does not promise to be bug free and consequently lead to errors and complications in the website functionality.
  • Invalid code can make your website design look different from that in the actual PSD file.
  • Consequently, passing W3C markup validation is problematic.
  • Using inaccurate software when converting PSD to HTML/CSS does not imply getting SEO friendly code by default.
  • The last, and the most popular nowadays, variant to convert a PSD file to HTML/XHTML is to appeal to a company, specialized in PSD to HTML conversion.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for PSD to HTML

  1. Taking into consideration all the above disadvantages of quick automated PSD to HTML/CSS conversion, you should choose the service of professionals with technical knowledge, in order to avoid probable loss of quality and money.
  2. They will assure, your web-page will have brilliant performance and look in all browsers, provide you with valid, semantic and search engine friendly code. Accordingly, a group of skilled developers, generating the code manually, will prevent your website from lots of issues that could appear as a result of auto conversion.
  3. Once you trust the conversion procedure to an experienced developer, you have the possibility to enhance your site in future. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, having generated the code from software.
  4. Leaving the process of PSD to HTML conversion to a professional (company), you will get a right of support. They will respond to your queries and concerns via email of phone whenever you may need it.
  5. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to business. Many such conversion services offer money back guarantee, what means meeting all your requirements and secures qualitative outcome.
  6. Hiring a professional is also advantageous if you would like to save money, no matter how strange it sounds: in this respect, you do save money by avoiding probable issues.

Manual PSD to HTML Slicing.