Step by Step Conversion

Step by Step PSD to HTML Conversion

Any businessman getting started in online business will for sure start with website creation and it's essential for this site to be really different from those of competitors. The functions of website design are numerous: from attracting potential clients to reflecting the business objective and company image.

As usual, website design is first made in psd format and then one needs to convert this psd to xhtml to receive the functional markup to use it on site. This psd to xhtml conversion is not the easiest process and one has to know something important on how to convert psd to html before starting the conversion itself. Below there are some useful guide points addressed to those webmasters who would like to know more on how to convert psd to html and which steps are essential.

FIND OUT THE WORKING IDEAS: This first step is really important and it is advised not to omit finding out the main website idea(s) before working with design. To start with successful website one has to understand what is expected from this site and who is going to work over it (you personally or some external providers).

PSD DETAIL ANALYSIS: Before starting to export psd to html it's useful to make the detail psd file analyses to understand which difficulties can appear in the process of psd to xhtml conversion. Try to arrange the next steps thoroughly – from splitting mockup to adding necessary CSS codes and to following working with header and footer as well as with images.

PSD TO XHTML CONVERSION: To receive xhtml code from psd file one has to make psd image sliced with the help of any software specialized on images editing. After slicing is finished and there is a set of layers available, it is possible to combine them and to add some elements if they are necessary to convert design to xhtml in the most efficient way. The more precise and pixel-attentive will be your attempts on export psd to html the more qualitative and unique is going to become your html code and the site as well.

CONTENT PLACEMENT: After the previous psd to xhtml conversion steps are finished, it is high time to start working with content. It's extremely important to incorporate it accurately and not to destroy the whole design impression. The main function of content is to underline the site objectives and to specify its benefits for users and clients.

CODE CHECKING: To be sure your design to xhtml was converted successfully you have to check html code working with different browsers. Sometimes not all browsers reflect your design ideas in the best way and that means you need to make some more efforts to convert psd to xhtml in the more compatible way.

Those above were the most common steps to convert psd to xhtml but there are a lot of additional comments and peculiarities concerning the matter of converting design to xhtml. In the case you suffer from the lack of technical skills to make such conversion by yourself you can order professional export psd to html service in one of the web designed companies being sure you'll receive the excellent result in short terms.

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