We convert your PSD to
HTML/CSS in 4 hours and for $69 only...

Sometime the launch date of the web site is crucial. That’s where the constant flow of customers to your business begins. Each day of holdup is the loss of profit, moreover, one week of delay can cause significant negative business impact. The key point is approval of PSD-layout, but there is still a huge scope of work ahead, and it is crucial to convert designs into the cross-browser HTML format quickly.

In most PSD to HTML service providers PSD file processing period is from two days to a week - depending on the professionalism, efficiency and other factors. For business it is critical, because hundreds of customers will migrate to their competitors during that time. But there are other problems: not all studios will guarantee correct display of layout in all popular browsers, and experts from some firms still do not understand why they might need an adaptive layout and why it is important to have the valid code in your web-site.

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From PSD to HTML in 4 hours!

Our team has analyzed existing problems and developed a unique technology for slicing PSD-files. We were able to minimize the time required for conversion and therefore we reduced the order processing time up to 4 hours. This is all thanks to an exclusive patented system, which currently has no analogues not only in Russia but also in the whole world. The system includes:

  • Algorithm for quick analysis of the input design.
  • Express slicing of PSD-files.
  • A set of universal templates for corporate and business sites, one-page sites and online stores - standard solutions package can significantly accelerate the translation of the design layout in a html-format.
  • Effective test cases for the rapid detection of problems - with their help test and debug of sliced pages takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

Our know-how is a unique technology of markup slicing that reduces the processing time by several times. This allowed us to gain substantial leadership over the competition by offering customers more favorable terms of cooperation In combination with a powerful base of ready-made solutions, including all kinds of js, html and css-tricks. Just so you know - we can quickly convert design in HTML - just 4 hours.

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Do not waste even 1 second!

Reduction of processing term has reflected on prices: there is no other company that will transform the design in HTML so cheap! No more than 5 minutes passes from the moment of placing an order to the moment when we start slicing. The entire working process consists of five steps:

  • Analysis of input files.
  • Slicing PSD-file into components.
  • Integration of graphic images into ready template solutions.
  • Running of test cases, fixing the defects.
  • Preparation of project for delivery.

We work quickly, but without too much fuss, using the most effective tools: the GIT version control, style sheets, advanced IDE, our own techniques, all of above allows us to reduce testing time for all ready pages.

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Why work with us?

The main value of our team is our powerful intellectual potential and the ability to work smoothly and professionally. See why cooperation with us is profitable:

  • Reasonable prices.
  • The unique technology of converting PSD to HTML.
  • A powerful package of tools for testing of finished pages.
  • Quality assurance: the code is valid and correctly displayed in different browsers, as well as when browsing from mobile devices - these are important factors that affect ranking of site pages by search engines.

Key benefits of working to us - quality, time and price. For technical reasons, none of the companies would be able to offer equally favorable conditions. Although at the moment we managed to achieve significant progress, we will never stop there and continue to search for new and more effective solutions.

Use our services and see for yourself how quickly we are able to cope
with the layout of web-pages with the design of any complexity.
Just contact our manager by phone or request a call back!